Joshua McMahon

Building Envelope Quality Assurance Observer

After a few years in the US Navy as an Avionics Technician, Joshua E. McMahon stepped up to the call of becoming a Collateral Duty Inspector.  His keen eye and attention to detail lead to his quality assurance stamp of approval being necessary for all completed avionics work within his shop.

During the recession, Mr. McMahon took it upon himself to carve out his own career path by becoming a licensed Residential General Contractor.  Those economically fragile years fortified his beliefs that a reputation for quality could endure even the hardest of times.  A decade later, his phone still rings with people who want one of his design/build works.

Most recently, Joshua was a field technician who traveled across the US in order to help high-end residential construction crews with technical problems of waterproofing their doors and windows.  As the lead technician, Joshua was the authority for other technicians who needed help.  After several years of traveling and living out of a backpack, Portland has once again become his permanent home.

In July 2019, Joshua joined the PRC Team as a Building Envelope Quality Assurance Inspector, a position that requires his full attention.  At times, he is cutting samples of sealant joints from the exterior of an 18-story building and others traversing a 60-year old metal roof with a less than ideal amount of corrosion at every step.  The goal is always to document his findings in a way that is as accurate and non-partial as can be.  Moisture intrusion and entrapment are based in physics; PRC is here to help ensure that the science is followed in order to provide the best possible outcome for healthy, long-lasting structures.  Joshua contributes his attention to the details that help alleviate future liabilities due to moisture problems and strives to help the team complete their projects as true to the design and intent as possible.


  • Portland State University, Bachelors of Architecture
  • Earthship Biotecture Academy
  • Passive House Institute: Builders Course
  • Florida Community College, Associates Certification Construction Technology


Joshua can often be found checking wind conditions and patiently waiting for the right time to launch his kite for a kiteboarding sessions in the Columbia River Gorge.  When the winds are down, he is either practicing guitar ot jame with friends or is working on another house project.

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