Heron Creek Apartments Moisture Intrusion Analysis Services

Project Data
Year Completed 2011

Interstate Roofing Inc.

Services Exterior Walls
Category Multi-Family, Private
Reference Mike St. Pierre
Interstate Roofing, Inc.
15065 SW 74th Avenue
Portlrand, OR 97224

Services Provided

Project Details

Project Details

Project Details

Interstate Roofing Inc. contracted PRC to identify the source of moisture intrusion located at the base of an exterior facing wall.  Multiple attempts at identifying and repairing the source had been attempted prior to PRC’s investigation.

PRC performed visual inspections at both the interior and exterior sides of the wall.  Moisture tests were performed to recreate the moisture intrusion at the exterior stone veneer and concrete patio.  Minor destructive testing was also completed to verify construction of the wall and patio.  Upon completion of the testing, PRC verified that water was entering the veneer, but due to the phasing of the construction, any water that entered into the veneer was forced into the interior of the building because it was not able to drain out.  Once the moisture intrusion source was verified, PRC provided a report of the findings to Interstate Roofing Inc. with recommendations for repair.