Kaiser Sunnyside Campus Roof Management Program

Project Data
Year Completed 2012

Kaiser Permanente

Services Roofing
Category Medical
Reference Trent Rehfeldt
Kaiser Permanente
500 NE Multnomah Street
Suite 100
Portland, OR 97232

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Project Details

Project Details

Project Details

The Kaiser Permanente (KP) Sunnyside Medical Center Campus is located in Clackamas Oregon, a suburb of Portland, Oregon.  The medical center contains 9 buildings and 2 parking structures covering the 62 acre campus.  From its conception in 1975, the campus has expanded by adding new buildings and remodeling of the existing structures, allowing for the installation of a variety of different roof systems on the 89 different roof areas.

Aside from four areas on the newest building, A-wing, each of the remaining 85 roof areas (440,331 sq. ft.) were evaluated for current roof and sheet metal flashing composition and condition.  The date collected was entered into PRC’s RoofPro© Roof Management program and utilized in establishing a “benchmark” of the roof related systems and components.  The information was compiled into the Roof Management Report presented to KP, but the records are also available in electronic form which can be updated as new information is obtained or roof systems are repaired or replaced.   The information allows PRC and KP to reasonably forecast the long term maintenance and repair / replacement needs of the numerous roof areas, by understanding the various roof related materials installed and the material’s current condition.  This permits KP to create realistic roof maintenance, repair, and replacement budgets (as established within the program), distributing the need for major roof replacements over several years rather than all in one financial cycle.