Macadam Place Building Moisture Intrusion Analysis

Project Data
Year Completed 2009

Washington Capital Management

Services Waterproofing, Exterior Walls
Category Commercial, Private
Reference Donna Welsch
Washington Capital Management
6600 SW 92nd
Suite 160
Portland, OR 97223

Services Provided

Project Details

Project Details

Project Details

Washington Capital Management contracted PRC to identify the source of moisture intrusion at intermittent locations of the 2nd story storefront windows.  PRC identified several suspected areas of a third story patio above the areas of moisture intrusion.  Several different methods of testing were then performed to help identify the moisture intrusion source(s).  Test results found that the moisture intrusion was a result of inadequate termination of a coating system that had been applied to the walking surface of the patio.  Moisture intrusion was also identified at the base of the safety railing installed onto the parapet wall of the patio.

Upon completion, a leak analysis report was generated, to give the owner a complete history of the moisture intrusion and PRC’s findings.  A Scope of Work and Cost Estimate were also provided, to provide the owner with budgetary numbers for the repair and to easily communicate the analysis to a qualified contractor.