Marist Catholic High School Roof Evaluation

Project Data
Year Completed 2013

Marist Catholic High School

Services Roofing
Category Commercial, Education
Cost $4,005
Reference Reba McClary
Marist Catholic High School
1900 Kingsley Road
Eugene, OR 97401

Services Provided

Project Details

Project Details

Project Details

The primary goal for the roof evaluation project was to assess the existing conditions of roof systems covering all campus buildings in order for the school’s remodel design team to accurately develop an overall building remodel scope.  Recommendations were provided to assist with determinations as to how to precisely address existing building roof systems.  The remodel design team was apprised of the remaining life spans of the various roof systems with a breakdown of those that could offer extended life service life with repairs or upgrades and those that would require roof replacement.

The desire was to implement the planned remodel project in separate phases over a predetermined time frame.  Thus, along with the roof evaluations, the design team was provided with a categorized, graphically enhanced, spreadsheet that served to divide and prioritize roof system remediation according to the order in which each building should be addressed.  Remediation and corresponding budgets of roof areas determined high priority could be separated from those deemed lower priority so that accurate project phasing could be developed and estimated costs could be better allocated for the overall project scope.