Mountain View High School Leak Investigation

Project Data
Year Completed 2011

Evergreen Public Schools

Services Roofing, Exterior Walls
Category Education
Reference Susan Steinbrenner
Evergreen Public Schools
13519 NE 28th Street
Vancouver, WA 98682

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Project Details

Project Details

Project Details

At the request of Evergreen Public Schools, PRC investigated two areas of persistent moisture infiltration at Mountain View High School in Vancouver, WA.

Based upon the findings of the leak investigation, PRC put together a construction document packaged that outlined repair of the original gymnasium’s through-wall scupper drains, and the built-in gutter assembly associated with the mansard roof around the auditorium entrance.

The gymnasium repair included abandonment of existing overflow scuppers, and installation of new overflow drains and drain lines that lowered maintenance and improved performance. 

Repair of the auditorium entrance canopy involved application of a fluid applied gutter liner, the rerouting of interior downspout drain lines, and the clearing and reopening of existing stormwater drainage lines that had been previously abandoned due to blockage.