Portland State University Blumel Hall Roof Replacement

Project Data
Year Completed 2012

Portland State University

Services Roofing
Category Higher Education
Cost $490,000
Reference Tom Arnich
Portland State University
P.O. Box 751
Portland, OR 07207

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Project Details

Project Details

Project Details

Blumel Hall, a 195,500 sf, 9-story building constructed in 1986, is one of eleven residence halls located on the Portland State University Campus.  As part of an overall building remodel project, PRC was commissioned to design the replacement of the roof system on the building, including drainage and fall protection improvements. 

The existing roof system consisted of a granular surfaced 3-ply built-up roof membrane dating back to the original building construction.  The slope to drain was found to be less than ideal with measurements varying between 1/8” - 1/4" per foot and needed to be improved to eliminate ponding water.  Additionally, the roof top insulation assembly, considered acceptable when the building was originally erected, no longer met the minimum R-value standards of the current Building Code and required upgrading.  To improve slope and obtain an R-20 insulation value, the overall roof replacement concept included installation of a tapered insulation assembly.  The insulation assembly is covered by a 2-ply SBS modified bitumen roof system, including a highly reflective film surfacing and was designed to withstand potential high wind conditions as a result of the building height and the adjacent hillside.

PRC services included preparation of design documents and assistance through the bidding phase.  During construction, PRC provided assistance with construction administration which also included quality assurance inspections, and distribution of Field Reports, as well as assistance with project closeout.