The Landing Condominiums Exterior Envelope Water Intrusion Investigation

Project Data
Year Completed 2012

Multi-Services, Inc.

Services Roofing, Exterior Walls
Category Multi-Family, Private
Reference Ron Balash
Multi-Services, Inc.
1500 NE Irving, Suite 414
Portland, OR  97232

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Project Details

Project Details

Project Details

In April and May of 2012, Professional Roof Consultants, Inc. (PRC) and Johnson Construction Consulting (JCC) worked in tandem to investigate water intrusion issues associated with the roof and exterior wall envelopes of the three 30 year old buildings of the Landing Condominiums, which were located on the banks of the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon.  Each of the three buildings had a history of ongoing leak activity stemming from various sources, some of which had been investigated, but the majority of issues were never studied.  Owners therefore knew building leaks existed, but could not tell how widespread leak conditions had become.  This unknown factor prompted owners to seek an investigation of the water intrusion issues in order to obtain definitive answers regarding the probable extent to which unwanted moisture had infiltrated building roof and exterior wall systems.  The ultimate goal PRC provided was a comprehensive and up-to-date report compiled using information gathered via a multi-building roof assessment and an infrared thermography survey to determine if moisture, hidden from view, was indeed trapped within wall systems, and to discover if water intrusion was limited or widespread.  The infrared investigation was performed with an infrared camera used to thermally scan exterior building walls to obtain thermal images of interior wall conditions.  The report identified actual water intrusion issues, types of leaks, leak locations and causes, and ultimately assisted building owners in planning and budgeting action necessary to return the buildings to a weathertight condition.