USPS Salem Roof & Siding Replacement Project

Project Data
Year Completed 2013

Mildren Design Group

Services Roofing, Waterproofing, Exterior Walls
Cost $5,000,000
Reference Dan Vasquez
Mildren Design Group
7650 SE Beveland Road
Tigard, OR 97223

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Project Details

Project Details

Project Details

The project was an exterior renovation of the United States Postal Service (USPS) Parcel & Distribution Facility, located in Salem, Oregon, which included full removal of the existing roof system, associated flashings, and existing exterior wall claddings that covered the structure. The existing asphalt built-up roof was removed and replaced with a new fully adhered 60 mil PVC membrane roof system.  The new PVC roof system included new rigid insulation with an R value of 26 for enhanced thermal performance and new tapered ridged insulation to form crickets for enhanced drainage. The exterior of the structure, which was clad with painted galvanized metal wall panels, was fully removed and replaced with new precoated metal wall panels. 

The project design documents were prepared by Mildren Design Group, in which PRC provided design review to assist the architect with design performance of the systems related to the building envelope.  PRC also performed Quality Assurance inspections during construction, providing documentation of the installations and recommendations to enhance the overall performance of the building envelope systems.

  • Removal and replacement of the existing asphalt built-up roof system of 120,000 sf.
  • Install new polyisocyanurate rigid insulation and cover board to improve thermal performance to a minimum R-26.
  • Install new tapered polyisocyanurate insulation to improve slope for positive drainage.
  • Install new fully adhered PVC roof system.
  • All new precoated galvanized steel flashings.
  • New fully soldered saddle flashings at complex transitions.
  • New collector heads and down spouts at through wall scupper drains. 
  • Installation of new metal wall panel cladding and soffits throughout exterior of structure.
  • Installation of new metal panel roof system at mansards and mechanical screen walls.