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The roof ties into exterior walls and the walls tie into waterproofing systems. We are uniquely skilled at understanding and tying all of these components together on new and historic buildings.  

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  • Exterior Wall Design Services 
  • Exterior Wall Design Services 
  • Exterior Wall Design Services 
  • Exterior Wall Design Services 
  • Exterior Wall Design Services 
  • Exterior Wall Design Services 
  • Exterior Wall Design Services 
  • Exterior Wall Design Services 

Expertise in both new and historic buildings

Professional Roof Consultants, Inc. has consulted on a wide variety of exterior envelope projects. These include single and multiple-story new construction projects, remodels and renovations, historic restorations, and various repair projects stemming from construction defect investigations. 

The importance of keeping exterior moisture out of the interior of a building is paramount; rainwater and frozen precipitation can wreak havoc on a building. It is equally important to understand how to control interior moisture, which can also cause considerable damage to a building and its contents, if not properly managed. 

Our firm is committed to the understanding and further development of claddings assemblies, pressure-equalized rain screen systems, and the effective use of continuous insulation. Our continual field experience is applied to the use and actual in situ performance of new air barrier, water-resistive barrier, and self-adhering membranes. PRC has designed and provided quality control inspections for a plethora of systems, with projects exposed to various climates and extreme weather conditions— many located on the bluffs of the Oregon Coast.

Building envelope design requires skilled and informed decision-making, and exceptional knowledge of how various systems perform under extreme conditions. Similar to any building component, determination of design criteria is one of the keys to identifying potential wall system options.  Professional Roof Consultants, Inc. employs consistent evaluation techniques to determine design criteria and to process overall system selection.  Key items that are considered when determining proper assemblies include:

  • Historical performance of systems.
  • Location of system on the building.
  • Building construction.
  • Building function.
  • Environmental conditions.
  • Code requirements.
  • Performance enhancement options.
  • Aesthetics.
  • The future of the building.
  • Typical maintenance activities and protocol (where applicable).
  • Life cycle cost analysis.
  • Budget allocations.
  • Scheduling and coordination of trades.
  • Continuous insulation requirements.
  • Where permeable / non-permeable barriers are applicable.
  • Drainage plane / air space details and interfaces.

Exterior (Historic) Restoration

Professional Roof Consultants, Inc. has unique experience in the field of historic restoration. A wide variety of scopes have been designed and addressed over the years, including restoration of unreinforced brick masonry buildings that include seismic upgrades, rebuilding cornices, window replacements and repairs, various forms of repointing, and intricate stone work. When working on historical exterior restoration projects, PRC understands the nature and technique of the traditional ways, and that these proven methods and materials— while sometimes more expensive— are appropriate and necessary.  

PRC has extensive experience with exterior preservation and restoration projects involving sandstone, terra cotta, granite, unreinforced brick masonry, and sheet metal. We are also trained to advise our clients regarding the presence of hazardous materials such as asbestos and lead paint.

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