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We at PRC pride ourselves on accurate cost estimates prepared by professionals that are independent and un-biased, providing important budgetary information for scopes of work pertaining to roof systems. 

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Professional Roof Consultants, Inc. employs technical specialists who are well-versed and trained in preparing construction cost estimates. All personnel that currently work for PRC have experience in gathering information based on a scope of work, system selection, complexity of a project, current economic environment, and other conditions that may impact project cost. Factors of cost estimating include inflation and escalation rates, contractor profit, contractor overhead, and overall project contingency. 

A significant number of projects issued by PRC are publicly bid projects, and all projects include a construction cost estimate. Our cost estimating procedures involve a thorough review of past estimates, actual material costs, and current labor rates so that we can refine and maintain our accuracy. Cost estimates that are prepared by PRC are consistently within the average cost of received bids, and rarely produce a cost which is grossly under-estimated.  Our reliability has been rewarded with repeat clientele.

Cost estimates for individual projects are prepared by our highly-qualified technical specialists and Principals of the firm, and all cost estimates, if not directly prepared by a Principal, are reviewed by a Principal of the firm. Our quality control is a point of pride of us, and applies to all aspects of every project.

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