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Our experience and philosophy with regard to evaluations and inspections is coupled with our knowledge of good design practices. Driven by the principle to provide quality solutions for roof and exterior flashing-related problems, each project we design aims to significantly reduce future spending on maintenance, repairs, and water damage.

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Professional Roof Design Services

  • Roofing Design Services 
  • Roofing Design Services 
  • Roofing Design Services 
  • Roofing Design Services 
  • Roofing Design Services 
  • Roofing Design Services 
  • Roofing Design Services 
  • Roofing Design Services 
  • Roofing Design Services 
  • Roofing Design Services 
  • Roofing Design Services 
  • Roofing Design Services 
  • Roofing Design Services 
  • Roofing Design Services 
  • Roofing Design Services 
  • Roofing Design Services 

Roof Replacement

Roof replacement design requires skilled and informed decision-making. Determination of design criteria is one of the keys to identifying potential roof system options. Key items that are considered when determining replacement systems include:

  • Results of the forensic evaluation
  • Historical performance of the existing system
  • Environmental conditions
  • Performance enhancement options
  • Building construction
  • Building function
  • The future of the building
  • Typical maintenance activities and protocol
  • Building code upgrades (insulation, seismic, drainage, etc.)
  • Life cycle cost analysis
  • Budget allocations

Cost control is integral with the design process. Each project starts with an establish budget that is refined and checked at each milestone, and a final detailed cost estimate is prepared to confirm the budget.

Professional Roof Consultants, Inc. approaches individual projects as a team with active principal involvement.  This collaborative approach allows for compact scheduling and takes full advantage of the specific skillset of each member of the team.

Roof Repair

Along with extensive research and design principles for roof replacement, PRC has consistently provided proven and reliable system designs for roof repair projects. The main objective when approaching the option to repair a roof system is to enhance the original investment made when the roof system was installed.

The primary purpose for roof repairs is twofold in most cases:
(1) to control current and potential leaks and
(2) to extend the life of the existing membrane to its maximum reasonable service life. 

With just about any roof system, timing is everything.  Almost all roof systems have a repair cycle and a time in the roof's life when a "tune-up" may be required to extend the roof to its maximum estimated life.  A proactive approach is important in an effort to minimize interior disruption (in the form of leaks), and to maximize the life of the system.

Instead of a 'band-aid' approcah, permanent solutions and product selection should be evaluated and designed to provide long-term performance so that repairs can, at the very least, match the life of the roof system of which they are being installed.

PRC recognizes the fact that limited capital improvement funds can defer roof replacement, which in turn triggers the need for a roof repair project to extend life. It is very important to understand that sometimes, however, implementing a roof repair project simply does not make economic sense, and will result in a waste of funds.

Construction Documents and Project Implementation

Whether designing for full or partial roof replacement, PRC provides a full range of services that are available to meet each client’s needs.  PRC is well-versed in assembling construction and contract documents at all levels; from simple outline specs to comprehensive public-bid project manuals. 

Clear and concise contract documents are key to a successful project. When assembling documents for construction contracts, PRC assures that all scope of work items are clearly indicated and all code- related issues are addressed.

In order to be fully aware of the project scope, construction documents must address all details pertaining to that scope.  Proper investigations are interpreted in the form of drawings and technical specifications that can be understood by the appropriate audience.

The competitive bid process is an important aspect of securing a contractor to perform work for a fair price.  In order to establish a competitive bid process, a scope must be determined, and then published.  A simplistic and recognized approach provided by PRC often includes the following phases:

  • Design Development
  • Construction Documents
  • Bidding Services
  • Construction Administration

These phases include a variety of tasks and services that are available to assist the Owner through a prescribed process of design, bidding and administration of the construction contract.  As with all services provided by PRC, tasks and phases can be customized to fit the Owner’s needs and the requirements of the project.  

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