Waterproofing Consulting

Because a lot of what we do pertains to understanding how and where problems originate, PRC is especially skilled in the world of waterproofing. Waterproofing predominantly occurs at locations that are considered "below-grade", or below a level of overburden. Systems that are applied in these locations are often buried and out of sight; therefore, considered "out of mind". Conversely, some waterproofing systems are in plain sight, which may result in them being discounted or overlooked. It is with this awareness that PRC excels in providing services in the field of waterproofing, including evaluations, moisture intrusion analysis, planning, design, preparation of construction documents, quality assurance / quality control services, testing, and expert witness services related to construction dispute.

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Moisture Intrusion Analysis

Moisture intrusion can be caused by a number of external and/or internal deficiencies.

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Inspection Services

QA/QC services ensure proper installation of waterproofing and related flashing systems during construction.

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Cost Estimating

Cost estimates that are independent and unbiased.

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Design Review

We specialize in designing systems and assemblies that are watertight below grade.

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Design Services

We ensure that each project is designed to provide for long-term performance.

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