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Waterproofing systems play a similar role as roofing systems, but under much different conditions.  The wrong system, under the wrong conditions, can often prove costly.

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  • Design Services 

Expertise in both below- and above-grade applications

Waterproofing systems play a critical role in keeping moisture out of a building under conditions that often times do not afford the luxury of being maintained.  There are a myriad of systems that are available, but not all systems are designed to perform the same.  PRC has extensive experience with system design for waterproofing systems in below- and above-grade applications.  The ultimate goal here is to ensure that each project is designed to provide for long-term performance under the conditions that the system will be exposed to.  A design that incorporates long-term solutions will reduce the risk of moisture intrusion at a location where “replacement” of the system is not always a simple task.

Consistent evaluation techniques

Waterproofing design requires skilled and informed decision-making, and exceptional knowledge of how various systems perform under extreme conditions. Similar to any building component, determination of design criteria is one of the keys to identifying potential waterproofing system options. Professional Roof Consultants, Inc. employs consistent evaluation techniques to determine design criteria and to process overall system selection. Key items that are considered when determining proper systems include: 

  • Historical performance of systems.
  • Location of system on the building.
  • Building construction.
  • Environmental and geological conditions.
  • Performance enhancement options.
  • Aesthetics.
  • Building function.
  • The future of the building.
  • Typical maintenance activities and protocol (where applicable).
  • Life cycle cost analysis.
  • Budget allocations.

Similar to how we assemble roofing projects, PRC approaches waterproofing projects using a team concept with active principal involvement. The team approach allows for compact scheduling and maximizes service to the client, and also takes full advantage of the specific skills of individual members of the team.

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