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New Sherwood High School







New Building



Sherwood School District

BRIC Architecture

Full building envelope design review, roof & flashing system design, construction administration assistance, quality assurance inspections


In response to a public desire to retain a close-knit community atmosphere, Sherwood School District planned this project for the largest high school in Oregon as part of an overarching district-wide effort to accommodate a growing population. Rather than add another high school, the District opted to build a larger high school and repurpose the old high school as a consolidated single middle school, while the two middle schools would become elementary schools, all with increased capacity.


As part of the design team lead by BRIC Architecture, PRC guided product selection, technical specification, and detailing for all building envelope systems including roofing, exterior wall weather barriers, and below grade waterproofing. The expansive building is set into a hill and is organized into three wings that form a courtyard between two classroom blocks connected by a skybridge and a two-story commons space. The building form is expressive of its multiple volumes housing gymnasiums, an auditorium, and media center, resulting in a complex and dynamic exterior envelope. To address the unique conditions created by the design response to site and program, PRC worked closely with BRIC to specify and design the numerous critical transitions between the various exterior systems required. During construction, PRC assisted with responses to RFI’s, reviewed product submittals, and performed quality assurance inspections of installations in progress. Additionally, PRC coordinated and observed third-party fenestration testing performed by QED Labs.


PRC’s involvement during design and throughout the construction process was crucial to the resolution of unique coordination challenges presented by a compressed project schedule and complex design.

New Sherwood High School
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