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Be informed, make informed decisions.

PRC can help you learn everything you need to know about your building’s envelope systems so that you can more accurately forecast capital expenditures and make informed plans for necessary maintenance, repair, and eventual system replacement.

We offer assessment services for all types of roof and exterior wall systems, ranging in scope from focused studies to whole-building (and multi-building) condition assessments, each tailored to accommodate the specific objectives of your project.


A typical assessment serves to identify what systems you currently have, evaluate how well your systems are performing, estimate when you should plan for system replacement, identify what to include in the replacement scope of work, and estimate how much a replacement should be expected to cost.


  • Pre-purchase (Due Diligence) assessments

  • Recent acquisition assessments

  • Existing inventory assessments

  • Capital improvement planning assessments

  • Diagnostic assessments (leak investigations)

Explore Some Asessments Projects

Roof Assessments for Various Schools

Roof Assessments for Various Schools

Southwest Community Center Building Envelope Assessment

Southwest Community Center Building Envelope Assessment

Various Wastewater Treatment Plants

Various Wastewater Treatment Plants

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