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Quality Assurance

Get it right the first time

PRC can help you rest assured that your building envelope assets are properly installed to perform as expected from day one for the predictable service life of the system.


We offer quality assurance submittal review and inspection services for a wide array of building envelope system applications.  These services are typically provided in conjunction with construction administration services on existing and new building projects (as part of the design team or the owner team), but can also be provided as stand-alone services (as part of the construction team).


  • Design Peer Review

  • Submittal Review

  • Quality Assurance Inspections

  • System Performance Testing 

Explore Some Quality Assurance Projects

Pioneer Courthouse Square Renovation

Pioneer Courthouse Square Renovation

Multnomah County Central Courthouse

Multnomah County Central Courthouse

Lincoln High School Replacement

Lincoln High School Replacement

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