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Pioneer Courthouse Square Renovation







Quality Assurance



Portland Parks & Recreation (City of Portland)

Howard S. Wright

QA/QC plan development, quality assurance inspections


Pioneer Courthouse Square is an open public plaza that covers an entire downtown city block. Originally constructed in 1984, the Square has served a variety of public functions and includes a number of unique design features and public artwork. The design takes advantage of a significant change in grade from the southwest corner towards the northeast, implementing occupied lower levels that daylight onto the Square and a fountain that divides to form the entry to the public office of Trimet. A coffee shop with an extensive trellis patio occupies the northwest corner. For several years, PRC has provided consulting services relating to waterproofing systems that cover the lower occupied levels, including assessments, leak diagnostics, and waterproofing repair design. This renovation served to replace the failed waterproofing system following recommendations outlined in PRC’s previous evaluations and was funded by public bond.


PRC developed the construction QA/QC plan to satisfy requirements of the Contract Documents, prepared proposed design modifications for inclusion in RFI’s to address challenges encountered during installation, performed periodic quality assurance inspections, and coordinated and observed various field tests to confirm substrate suitability and qualify system performance following installation. Field reports and test reports were provided to HSW and the owner team in a timely fashion, tracking items requiring correction and their subsequent resolution.


During the construction period, previously unidentified leaks presented below the coffee shop, prompting a separate leak investigation performed by PRC concurrently with this renovation project. Following completion of the project, PRC continued to provide follow-up consulting services including diagnostic testing and investigation and related flashing design improvements relating to a water trough feature.

Pioneer Courthouse Square Renovation
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