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Various Wastewater Treatment Plants








2021 - 2022


Clean Water Services Washington County

Clean Water Services Washington County

Roof assessment


To aid in the planning and allocation of funds for ongoing maintenance and future capital improvements to various existing facilities, CWS approached PRC to evaluate the condition of roof systems covering a number of buildings spread out over the service area. These evaluations were initiated in multiple contracts over a two-year period with some entailing review of a single structure or particular portion thereof, and others grouping multiple buildings serving a single facility into one effort.


Coordinating with CWS personnel, PRC visited each structure and performed a thorough visual survey of existing conditions relating to the installed roof systems. For each building, this survey included a detailed visual and tactile examination of roof covering material and verification of assembly construction, with observations recorded using digital photography and field notes. For each encountered membrane system, core samples were extracted at strategic locations to confirm underlying system components and assess the condition of the deck substrate (core locations are always patched back to a permanent watertight condition using appropriate methods). Based on review of available as-built drawings and analysis of on-site findings, estimates of remaining service life were developed along with recommendations for next action in terms of maintenance, repair, and / or system replacement. Unique conditions requiring special consideration were identified for inclusion in the scope of future system replacement along with options for roof system replacement, and budgetary cost projections were developed for each replacement option. For each contract, findings and recommendations were summarized in a comprehensive written report that included tables, photographs, and diagrams as needed to clearly convey the information presented.


With the information provided by PRC, CWS is able to confidently assign priority to each of the structures surveyed and ensure that future expenditures result in the best possible value.

Various Wastewater Treatment Plants
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