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North Clackamas School District Roof Management







Roof Management



North Clackamas School District

North Clackamas School District

Roof asset inventory and assessment; roof asset management; long-range master planning for maintenance, repair, and replacement


As part of an effort to set budget allocation priorities for future facility maintenance and master planning, North Clackamas School District hired PRC to perform a two-phase assessment of existing roof and related flashing systems covering each of the district’s properties. Over the course of 3½ years, PRC initiated a roof management program using our RoofPro software. The program included a survey of 39 different properties, 76 separate buildings and an additional 66 auxiliary structures amounting to 597 separate roof areas that cover 2,640,869 square feet.


After obtaining and reviewing available as-built drawings and warranty information, PRC performed a comprehensive survey of all roof areas included in the program. Each roof area was accessed by PRC personnel for visual and tactile inspection of the various system components and conditions. Data collected for each roof area was input into PRC’s RoofPro roof management software and a schedule for replacement was then developed based on priorities assigned according to estimated remaining service life, among other influencing factors such as access constraints and relative proximity. Recommendations for maintenance and repair were provided where appropriate and system options were developed for replacement based on expected service conditions for each particular roof area. A comprehensive report was assembled and presented, with an executive summary of the overall assessment, individual summaries of findings and recommendations applicable to each structure, and individual evaluation and recommended action forms for each roof area, including associated budgetary cost projections.


The initial analysis of the district’s assets in 2018 assisted to provide planning priorities as it related to roof replacement and repair in conjunction with assigned school modernization programs and projects. The completion of the roof assessment of remaining buildings in 2021 has enabled the district to have a complete list and status of the entire inventory of roofs to help with ongoing maintenance, repairs, and to also assist with master planning. North Clackamas School District continues to utilize PRC’s RoofPro software for their facility maintenance planning needs years after the initial survey was completed. As a direct result of this roof management program, NCSD has hired PRC to coordinate projects for warranty repairs on various properties, update the RoofPro database when needed, and consult on several subsequent roof replacement projects.

North Clackamas School District Roof Management
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