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NWRESD Regional Office Building Roof Replacement







Existing Building



NW Regional Education Service District

NW Regional Education Service District

Roof replacement design, construction administration, quality assurance inspections


This roof replacement project was planned by the NW Regional Education Service District following recommendations outlined in a previous roof assessment performed by PRC. The building was originally constructed sometime in the 1970’s with a large addition built around 2000. The existing asphalt built-up roof membrane was expired, and the existing skylights were not energy efficient. Since the building is a single story with a relatively large coverage area, the roof was a prime target to economically increase the overall building energy efficiency.


PRC designed a roof system that balanced the desire for increased energy efficiency and long-term low maintenance durability with a modest construction budget. The specified system included a layer of rigid insulation above the roof deck to supplement the existing underdeck batt insulation, and a durable 2-ply SBS modified bituminous membrane with a torch applied granule surfaced top ply sheet. The design included raising existing curbs and improved perimeter flashing conditions as well as new energy efficient polycarbonate skylights. PRC coordinated with TM Rippey Consulting Engineers to design repairs for damaged portions of existing roof and parapet framing that were discovered during construction.


The new roof system, manufactured by Siplast, features the first North American installation of Siplast’s Eco-Activ membrane, which is purported to reduce harmful atmospheric pollutants with specially coated granules that activate when exposed to UV light. The Siplast Eco-Activ webpage and brochure cover both feature the roof of the NWRESD Regional Office Building in an aerial drone photograph taken by PRC.

NWRESD Regional Office Building Roof Replacement
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