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Oregon Convention Center Multi-Phase Roof Replacement







Existing Building



Metro (City of Portland)

Carlton Hart Architecture

Roof replacement design review, construction administration assistance, quality assurance inspections.


The Oregon Convention Center, including both the original building to the north and the expansion to the south, was designed by Zimmer Gunsel and Frasca Partnership Architects (now ZGF Architects LLP) and is instantly recognizable from much Portland’s Central City by the iconic twin glazed spire skylights situated atop the original building. The original building opened in 1990. This project was planned by Metro to replace the aging roof systems covering the original portion of the Oregon Convention Center building. The project design phases included scope of work refinement and consideration of various roof-related sustainable systems (e.g., solar energy, solar hot water, eco-roof) to determine viability and allow Metro to appropriately plan for possible future implementation.


Working as part of a team lead by Carlton Hart Architecture, PRC provided design guidance and oversight for roof system selection and detailing of roof system terminations, penetrations, and related flashing systems. During each stage of design (schematic design, design development, and construction documents), PRC worked closely with CHA, providing performance criteria, technical specifications, and detail sketches for critical transitions, to ensure that project contract documents (design drawings and technical specifications) clearly illustrated appropriate system selection and detailing to result in a durable, long-lasting low-maintenance roof for Metro. To balance performance and economy while minimizing environmental impacts, an adhered single-ply PVC membrane system was specified and designed to reuse existing undamaged insulation and substrate board from the original roof assembly. New insulation was added over the original to achieve compliance with the energy code and improve the overall energy efficiency of the building. To correct existing deficiencies presented by the original parapet flashing, PRC helped develop a sheet metal coping assembly that blends with and reinforces the aesthetic of the visually striking rhythm of vertical control joints established by the original building design.


Through thoughtful consideration and careful planning during design, and through thorough review and rigorous oversight during construction, PRC was instrumental in the successful completion of this roof replacement. Our performance on this project resulted in continued involvement on subsequent projects for in-service maintenance of the roof system covering the Convention Center expansion, as well as implementation of solar energy photovoltaic arrays on the new roof system over the original portion of the building.

Oregon Convention Center Multi-Phase Roof Replacement
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