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Port of Portland

Roof asset inventory and assessment; roof asset management; long-range master planning for maintenance, repair, and replacement


Professional Roof Consultants, Inc. has been providing roof management services for the Port of Portland and their facilities since 1993. The Port’s RoofPro roof management program tracks nearly 150 separate buildings across the Port’s various facilities, including: Portland International Airport, Hillsboro Airport, Troutdale Airport, Swan Island, and Marine Terminals 2, 4 and 6. Ongoing roof management updates, performed on a regular rotating basis, are used to keep the Port’s roof management program up to date.


When a new building is selected for inclusion into the management program, PRC first obtains all available as-built drawings and warranty information prior to performing a comprehensive survey of all roof areas on the building. Once in the field, PRC establishes and documents benchmark conditions for the existing roof membrane assembly, insulation, flashings, drainage provisions, and other critical components of the assemblies. PRC also reviews the roof for building code or design-related items of note, confirms and updates the roof plan to reflect current conditions, and takes samples of the roofing for hazardous material testing. Data retrieved in the field is then input into the RoofPro roof management program where it is used as the basis for establishing remaining service life estimates, future design options, next course of action recommendations, and ROM construction cost estimates. A comprehensive report is then assembled and presented which outlines an executive summary of the overall assessment, individual summaries of findings and recommendations applicable to each structure, and individual evaluation and recommended action forms for each roof area, including associated budgetary cost projections. The Port then uses this information as the basis for subsequent maintenance, repair and/or replacement action.

Where an existing building is already incorporated into the RoofPro roof management program, and then subsequently included as an update, PRC compares the previously recorded benchmark data against previously recorded data. Field conditions are thoroughly reviewed, and summaries are updated, additional maintenance, repair and/or replacement options are provided, and service life estimates are adjusted as necessary. All this information is then input into an updated comprehensive report.

All data contained within the RoofPro roof management program is available to the Port of Portland through their online portal and can be accessed at any time.


With a 30-year history of partnership, the RoofPro roof management program has become an integral part of the Port’s maintenance and master planning efforts. PRC’s periodic updates to the program allow the Port to maintain an accurate account of the condition of their existing roof assemblies and acts as a central location to track warranties. The information provided by each successive management program update is used to maximize the existing service life of the roofs through the implementation of timely repairs, while also enabling the Port to project major capital projects over timeframes that are financially sustainable.

Port of Portland Roof Management
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