Exterior Walls

As the physical separator between the building’s interior and exterior, the building envelope works with the structure’s climate control systems to maintain the indoor environment’s temperature. In order to build an effective building envelope, it is necessary to understand how the different components (roof, walls, and waterproofing) work together. This term, or category, has been used interchangeably with exterior wall consulting.

PRC has extensive experience with both new and historic building envelope construction products. The importance of understanding the science behind thermal proficiency, combined with air and moisture management, cannot be minimalized. It is a crucial part of every building envelope project. Our firm has extensive experience in exterior wall consulting with services that include diagnosis of moisture intrusion issues, evaluations, planning, design, preparation of construction documents, quality assurance / quality control services, testing, and expert witness services related to construction dispute.

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Moisture Intrusion Analysis

Moisture intrusion often cause building damage and human illness if not addressed in a timely manner.

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Inspection Services

Our conscientious inspections ensure proper installation during construction.

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Cost Estimating

Our building envelope experts provide independent and unbiased cost estimates.

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Design Review

Our design review specialists provide clients with educated envelope design solutions.

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Design Services

We expertly tie in exterior walls, waterproofing systems, and roofs on both new and historic buildings.

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